Main Sewer Line Repair In San Dimas, CA

Main Sewer Line Repair In San Dimas, Covina, Glendora, CA And Surrounding Areas

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The most critical piece of plumbing in your entire home is the main sewer line. All of your plumbing fixtures, drains, and pipes are connected to this line. Broken and backed up sewer lines are a serious problem that can lead to extensive damage and costly repairs if not properly repaired. They also pose health risks from sanitation if left unattended, and therefore require immediate repair.

Main Sewer Line Repair

Common Causes of a Clogged or Broken Sewer Line

While most homeowners have experienced problems with clogged drains or slow running sinks, few know what to do when all the drains in their home backup at once. There are many possible causes for this. Aging or improper use of fixtures, drains, pipes, and several other factors can cause the main sewer line to clog or break.

  • Pipe damage:  Sewer pipes can get broken or ruptured, preventing proper drainage throughout the system. This situation usually leads to immediate and frequent backups. You may also smell sewage inside or outside the home.
  • Sagging line: Sewer lines can sag over time, and homeowners are unable to do much about it. This sagging happens when a section of the pipe sinks because of ground and soil conditions. The low spot of the line will collect waste and debris, resulting in blockages.
  • Tree roots: In the past, sewer lines were sometimes constructed out of clay or other porous materials with the connection between sections not as tight as they are today. Tree roots can grow and search for sources of water, latching onto a sewer pipe. They can then grow into the pipe to reach the water inside, causing the line to break.
  • Flushing debris: Flushing objects down your toilet that aren’t meant to be flushed can cause sewer drain issues. Make sure to only flush human waste and toilet paper.
  • Grease: Grease, fats, and oil can clog lines. When you’re cooking in your kitchen, it’s important to remember never to pour grease or other fats down a drain. After the grease cools and hardens, it will stick to your pipes. Always pour grease into a can or jar so that you can throw it away in the trash.

Signs You May Need Sewer Line Repair

Always try to catch problems with your line before it’s too late and causes severe costly issues. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Backups in drains: If you experience frequent backups, you may have an issue with your sewer line. Avoid chemical drain cleaners and always call a professional plumber to fix any clogs. If you are experiencing continuous clogs, you could have a blockage in your sewer pipe.
  • Multiple clogged fixtures: If the toilet and shower drains keep clogging, it could be because of an individual pipe blockage or a sewer line issue. When they are backing up at the same time, it could very well mean that the plumbing issue is in the line.
  • Changes in lawn: Your sewer line typically extends from your home and through your front lawn, and then into the city’s sewage system. If your lawn is showing any of these changes, it is most likely because of an issue with your line.
  • Indentation on the lawn: This will be as a result of a break in the line.
  • Soggy patch of grass: This could mean that sewage has come through a break in the pipe.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, contact the plumbing professionals at Alpine Plumbing & Rooter by calling (888) 241-4755. We’ll diagnose the issue and come up with the most affordable options for repair.

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