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Leaky faucet? Broken water heater? Plumbing emergency? Look no further. Alpine Plumbing & Rooter is San Dimas’ #1 locally trusted plumbing company year after year. Whether you experience a plumbing issue at your home or business, our team of professional plumbers is here to provide a fast and affordable solution.

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Our Expert Plumbing Services

We take pride in offering comprehensive plumbing services for both residents and local businesses, including:

  • Backflow preventer and check valve installation: Is your potable water protected from sewage contamination? Our plumbing experts can perform an inspection and help you install a backflow preventer or check valve.
  • Faucets, fixtures and sinks: One of the most common problems that arise with faucets, fixtures, and sinks is leaks. If not addressed promptly, water can begin to seep into your cabinets, vanities, and even your floors and walls. To avoid extensive damage, as well as the risk of mold, call our plumbers for an inspection as soon as possible.
  • Garbage disposals: Your garbage disposal prevents big food particles from going down the drain and creating a clog in your sink’s drain pipes. A bad garbage disposal can lead to clogs and even flooding that damages cabinets and floors. Don’t let it happen to you. Call our San Dimas plumbing experts!
  • Leak detection: Some leaks may not always be obvious. If you notice a rise in your water bill, you could be experiencing a leak and not even know it. By detecting the source of the leak, we can help prevent future plumbing problems that can impact the state of your house.
  • Shower valve replacement and repair: If the water in your shower turns cold or hot when a toilet is flushed in another part of your house, you have a problem with a shower valve. Besides disturbing your comfort, a faulty shower valve can result and a hidden leak behind the wall. Our plumbing experts can provide the repair or replacement services you need.
  • Water filtration systems: Many homeowners are surprised to find out just how many contaminants are in their water. At Alpine Plumbing & Rooter, we install water filtration systems that provide clean, safe water all throughout your home.
  • Water softeners: If your home has hard water, our plumbers can advise you on the best water softener options for your needs and budget. If you are already benefiting from a water softener, and it is failing to perform as it used to, we would be more than happy to come to take a look and make a fast and effective repair. We can also help you find the best replacement model.
  • Water heaters: Don’t let the water run cold in your home. A struggling water heater doesn’t operate efficiently. When you have our professionals repair your water heater, you can expect lower energy and water bills. You can also anticipate consistent and high-quality hot water.
  • Water mains: A bad water line can lead to several costly problems, including burst pipes and excessive flooding. If you suspect that your water main needs attention, contact us as soon as possible. We offer trenchless water main replacement, which can help you avoid tearing up your lawn.
  • Water pressure regulator: This device is responsible for the regulation of the water pressure in your home. A faulty water pressure regulator could mean that you are not getting enough water pressure. Alternatively, if it is allowing too much pressure, your pipes are at risk of leaking or even bursting.
  • Emergency plumbing for apartments: If you have a plumbing emergency in your apartment complex, much is at risk. Contact our plumbing technicians for a fast and effective solution.

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