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While the city’s water system is in place to deliver clean water to homes throughout San Dimas and La Verne, the only way you can ensure that your water is safe to drink is by filtering it with a whole-house filtration system or at each faucet. Alpine Plumbing & Rooter can work with you to determine the best water filtration option for your home, taking into consideration your wants, your lifestyle, and your budget.

What Are The Types of Water Filtration Systems?

There are several different types and styles of home water filtration systems available. Some are very basic, while others are quite advanced. Here are the top three most commonly used systems.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is one of the most common and least expensive water filtration options. The system is installed locally under the sink and filter cartridges are simply replaced as needed, depending on your water usage. Activated carbon systems are effective in removing parasites, chemicals, and most heavy metals in your water.

Cation Exchange

Cation exchange systems are more commonly known as ion exchange filters or water softeners. Positively charged ions attract negatively charged and harmful ions like barium and calcium, which can cause health issues, damage pipes, and make the water taste bad.

Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis water filtration system is considered to be the most effective option and is rapidly growing in popularity. This type of system uses air pressure to force water through a membrane which removes contaminants. The output for the average reverse osmosis filtration system usually ranges between 50 to 90 gallons per day.

Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

Safe Drinking Water

When your water is filtered, it ensures that you’ll have healthy and safe water for drinking and bathing. You’ll enjoy delicious water at any time of day and rest assured that you’re not exposing yourself to bacteria, heavy metals, and other contaminants that are so commonly present in our water.

Protecting the Environment

With so many plastic bottles used each year and only a fraction of them being recycled, the majority of these end up in landfills. As the plastic degrades, it breaks down into smaller fibers which can permeate the ground, reach the water table, and become airborne leading to widespread microscopic contamination. Employing a water filter in your home not only helps you save money, but you also refrain from polluting our environment.

Minimize Skin Conditions and Other Health Problems

Heavy metals, various forms of fluoride, and the extensive use of chlorine in our water delivery systems can aggravate skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. Long-term use of unfiltered water for drinking and bathing can cause these materials and chemicals to build up to toxic levels within your body. A water filtration system – without a doubt – will help minimize and even eliminate these health problems for yourself and your loved ones, pets included!

Cost Savings

If you purchase bottled water for drinking, you’ll literally save a small fortune by switching to a water filtration system. You can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars each year. Yes, a new filter is required annually, but they are much more affordable than buying cases and cases of bottled water, or paying for an exclusive water delivery service.

Reduce Plumbing Repair

Using a water filtration system can reduce and even eliminate the need for certain plumbing repairs. Heavy metals, harsh and abrasive minerals, and caustic chemicals in unfiltered water (even at extremely low levels) can eventually damage your plumbing. However, properly filtered water – especially when using a whole house filter – allows zero of these deposits to run through your plumbing system – and that’s always a good thing.

Be Prepared

With filtered water, you are always prepared if a sewer line near your home were to burst. Even minute amounts of sewage from a neighbors yard can seep into your groundwater and contaminate your well, or penetrate city water lines. With an advanced filtration system, you’ll have an extra layer of protection against the unexpected.

Less Soap

This may seem like a minor benefit but it’s so interesting that we have to mention it. A high-quality home water filtration system acts as an effective water softener. This will help you use less soap for yourself, your dishes, and your clothes because hard water’s minerals no longer prevent the ionic action of soap. Again, less soap in your drainage system means less environmental pollution in the long-run.

Improved Taste

One of the biggest advantages of having a water filtration system is the improved taste. Water filters remove elements that can negatively impact the taste and smell of water, such as lead, chlorine, and certain common bacteria. It also lowers the pH level of the water that you’re drinking. Oftentimes, people have a hard time believing just how pure and light their water tastes after the installation of a water filtration system. It makes them realize how much contaminants they’d previously been bathing in and consuming. It can be both surprising and alarming, but it’s always a good thing to have confidence that your water is as pure as possible.

Water Filtration System Installation, Repair & Replacement

If you have a water filtration system that needs to be replaced or repaired – whether it’s broken or simply outdated – you need to be sure you’re gaining all of the advantages of the latest in filtration technology. Likewise, if you’ve never had a filtration system before and would like to install one for the many benefits we’ve spoken about, you need the advice and experience of skilled experts.

Alpine Plumbing & Rooter can provide you with a state of the art water purification and filtration system that will reduce a wide array of harmful pollutants from your home’s water. Contact us today at (626) 507-6892 for more information and help in choosing the best system to protect you and your family.

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