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Water lines can become vulnerable to the effects of freezing and thawing, ground movement, water pressure, mineral buildup, and tree root intrusion as they age. Damaged water lines can cause discolored water and reduced water pressure. While these may not seem like significant problems, they can quickly lead to the need for water line replacement.

Signs You Need Water Line Repair or Replacement

The water that enters your home is critical when it comes to your daily life. Without water flowing into your home, you won’t be able to drink from the tap, clean your dishes or laundry, or do much else. The main water line brings in fresh water. It’s durable and typically well-built. However, there are many factors that can cause a line to break, such as:

  • Tree Roots

  • Corrosion

  • Age of the Home

Here are three signs that you might need a water line replacement or repair.

Water Discoloration

If you notice a rust-brown tint in your water, this could be a sign that there is an issue with your water line. The discoloration may happen because of the type of pipes you have, corrosion, or even dirt and soil entering your pipes through cracks.

Soggy Lawn

If it hasn’t rained a lot and you find damp and soggy spots on your lawn, this could mean that the line is cracked and leaking water under the surface. If this is happening, it is recommended to call a plumber immediately to remedy the situation.

Low Water Pressure

A drop in the water pressure of your home could mean that your water line is leaking and losing water.

Increased Water Bill

If you notice unusual spikes in your water bill, it could mean that you need a water line repair or replacement, or that you have a hidden leak in your home. For both situations, you need to hire an experienced plumber to determine what the cause is and fix it.

Trenchless Water Line Pipe Replacement

Other plumbers might dig up your lawn in order to install new water lines. However, Alpine Plumbing & Rooter uses the trenchless technique. This approach can handle most water line problems without leaving your yard and driveway a mess.

This method is less intrusive and is an excellent alternative to traditional methods. Our certified plumbers can assess your home and water line in order to provide you with a replacement that meets your needs.

What Situations Are Trenchless Water Line Replacements Best For?

Trenchless water line replacements are ideal for those who don’t want their yard dug up or to do with the expensive costs of re-doing their landscaping. Trenchless replacement is best for these situations:

  • Pipes running underneath house or landscaping

  • Cracked or broken pipes due to earth movement

  • Damaged pipes from freezing and thawing of the ground

  • The need for a larger water line to accommodate

Does your water main need professional attention? The experts at Alpine Plumbing & Rooter have it covered. Contact us at (626) 507-6892 to schedule an appointment.

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