Sewer Repair In San Dimas, CA

Sewer Repair In San Dimas, Covina, Glendora, CA And Surrounding Areas

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Although the pipes in our sewage system are specifically designed to undergo a lot of pressure in transporting water and waste, even these tough channels can eventually begin to wear down. No matter whether your pipes are made from PVC, cast iron, steel, copper, or clay, they will eventually start to deteriorate and will corrode even faster if people have been attempting to unblock or clean them with harsh chemical cleaners from your local store. If you ever notice drains backed up with sewage, or signs that your sewer might be backing up, don’t wait to call for our Emergency same-day sewer service.

Once your sewer system has developed large enough blockages, it will be impossible to fix them on their own, and they can end up creating even larger, more expensive problems. This is why you should never wait and try to repair your sewer lines on your own. Instead, immediately consult one of our seasoned technicians, who can set your lines back on the right track of success. For any sewer repair issues in San Dimas, our reliable experts at Alpine Plumbing & Rooter know exactly how to fix your problem with a long-lasting, tried-and-true solution.

Signs that your sewer might be backing up:
• Toilets gurgle when flushed
• Foul odor in the bathroom
• Toilet and shower go down slowly
• Water coming up in the tub when the kitchen or laundry is used

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Traditional Repairs for Sewers Can Be Burdensome

When you are using traditional techniques for repairing sewers, one of the most common methods includes resorting to a backhoe. Through this digging process, professionals are able to locate the primary sewage line, after burying deep within the surface. While this is certainly an effective way to identify a larger sewage issue, this process is much more invasive since technicians cannot automatically pinpoint the spot of trouble. Once big portions of the sewer line have been removed and replaced, you will still be left with the entire yard to fill back in, now that much of it has been dug up.

Sewer Repair In San Dimas CA

Trenchless Sewer Repair Experts

Thanks to innovations and updated technology, fixing sewage lines doesn’t always require digging up large portions of your lawn. Instead, minute, specialized cameras can first be inserted into the sewer lines, directly indicating exactly where a leak or blockage is occurring. Once our technicians have identified the problem through this handy live camera, they can use uniquely specific solutions to fix the issue.

Some of the advanced techniques our professionals use to repair sewage lines include:

  • Clearing blockages of debris or tree roots through hydro jetting: This powerful blast of pressured water entirely removes large and small roots, as well as accumulated debris from regular use.
  • Re-lining cracked or ruptured pipes with a tough resin substance known as “cured-in-place-pipe” (or CIPP):  When CIPP is used it utilized a fiberglass sleeve that hardens
    with epoxy resin to take place of your old pipe. This seamless sleeve seals off any gaps, cracks, or offsets preventing pipes from further shifting, and further root intrusion.
  • “Pipe bursting” to replace old pipes: This pulls a new pipe through the old pipe bursting the old one out of the way and pitting the new one in its place. This pipe is seamless and is flexible allowing it to pull through bends.
  • Epoxy coating: This utilizes a two-part epoxy that is brushed on the inside of the pipe to rehabilitate and seal off any cracks or corroding inside of cast iron pipes. It can also be used to fill big voids with an expanding fill that is used to fill gaps and serve as a base to coat onto.

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