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Was your shower cold again? Are your clothes not getting clean? Your water heater may need some professional attention. The pros at Alpine Plumbing & Rooter are standing by to help get your water heater back up and running. We provide top-notch service to homeowners in San Dimas and throughout the San Gabriel Valley, so if your water heater is showing signs of failure, don’t wait to call for expert service!

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Common Signs Your Water Heater is in Need of Repairs

Most people don’t give much thought to their water heater until it fails. However, since you enjoy hot showers and baths, and like the convenience of washing your clothes and dishes in warm water, it’s important to know a little something about how your water heater functions and what signs of distress you need to watch out for.

Here are the most common signs to look out for that can indicate your unit is in need of repair or replacement:

  • Strange Noises: All water heaters – without exception – will collect some amount of mineral deposits and sediment after prolonged use. As the water heater runs, you may hear a popping or crackling noise. This indicates the unit is working too hard which is usually due to the sediment causing damage to the storage tank. To avoid this damage and help prevent excess buildup, it’s smart to flush your tank yearly. It can drastically increase the lifespan of the unit and it’s an effective way to prevent premature failure.
  • No Hot Water: It’s no mystery that your water heater means the difference between hot and cold water. If you don’t have hot water, then there’s no doubt that something is wrong. If you have a gas unit and you’re not getting hot water, the fix could be as simple as relighting the pilot light. If your unit is electric, you might get lucky by checking your circuit breaker to see if it’s been tripped or has a blown fuse. If neither of these is the problem it means that a component of the system itself has failed. Sometimes the heating element may have worn out, or you may have a faulty thermostat. Other more serious problems are also a possibility at this point and the system should be diagnosed by a professional plumbing service.
  • Leaks: You should always make a routine check for small leaks around the fittings, connections, and temperature pressure valve of your water heater. If you find water pooling around your unit, you definitely have a leak. Mineral buildup around fittings of the heater are also a clear sign that it’s been leaking at some point. If you don’t see any of these signs, but are still seeing water, it’s possible that the tank itself is cracked and you’ll need a complete water heater replacement.
  • Odors and Bad Taste: If your hot water smells or tastes metallic, it’s possible that the coating inside your tank might be flaking off. However, that’s not the only reason for a metallic taste in your water – it can also occur if you have new pipes in your home or hard water. If your water ever smells or tastes wrong, it’s important to refrain from drinking it and have it tested immediately.

When to Consider New Water Heater Installation

Water heaters that are more than ten years old that have started to show signs of problems may not be able to be repaired. In fact, the nature of the problem may make repairs impossible, or it might simply be more cost-effective to replace the water heater instead. Some water heaters can last up to 15 years, but that’s only if they’ve been appropriately and regularly maintained.

If you’re not sure how old your water heater is, simply look at the last four digits of the serial number. Those numbers will generally indicate the month and year of manufacturing. You can use this as a general guide to assume it was installed within a year of its original date of manufacture. If you’re still not sure, you can always look up the serial number on the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, give them a call – you’ll often find a phone number somewhere on the unit.

If our assessment of your water heater reveals that your water heater cannot be repaired, we’ll fill you in on your options for water heater installation. Rest assured that we will never pressure you into installing a new water heater if that isn’t what you really need.

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