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How Often Should You Have Your Drains Cleaned?


Drain cleaning maintenance isn’t exactly a hot topic in any household, but that doesn’t mean your drains should be forgotten about until something catastrophic happens. If you’re considering regular drain maintenance, our La Verne drain cleaning service will ensure your drains don’t get blocked up and keep water running through them smoothly.

Waiting too long in between drain cleanings—or not getting them cleaned at all—can result in large blockages that can cause create expensive damage down the line.

This article will explain why monthly or yearly drain cleanings are so beneficial to your plumbing system’s health, as well as some signs that your drains need cleaning as soon as possible.

Signs That Drain Cleaning is Overdue

If you don’t get your drains cleaned regularly, there are some telltale signs that cleaning needs to be done.

For instance, if you start noticing your shower or sinks are taking longer to drain, it could be a sign that something further down is slowing or stopping the flow of water. This might also be the case if you find yourself plunging your toilet more often than before.

Also stay aware of any strange, lingering smells that won’t go away after airing out your home. This is usually a sign that your sewer line has a blockage and isn’t properly sending waste away from the house.

Getting your drains cleaned annually will greatly reduce the risk of such blockages and unpleasant smells. It also aids in ensuring proper sanitary conditions.

Who Needs Regular Drain Cleaning?

While having your drains cleaned once a year is a good idea for everyone, some homes are more at risk of drain blockages and obstructions.

Older homes will likely need more frequent drain cleaning services. On the other hand, new homes come with brand new drainage systems, which means they should work perfectly and shouldn’t suffer any obstructions in the coming years.

Older plumbing systems typically consist of narrower drains and tighter angles, which mean clogs will occur more often. However, your household habits will also determine how often you should get your drains cleaned. For example, do you send a lot of food down the sink when washing the dishes? Or do multiple people have long hair that could end up blocking the shower drain? These things could lead to frequent drainage issues.

Quarterly or Annual Cleanings are Best

We would recommend having your drains cleaned either quarterly or annually. Professional drain cleaning maintenance is the best way to prevent future blockages and major problems in future years, and is an important factor to saving money in the long run.

Every two years, you should consider having a professional inspect the state of your drains. This can be done quickly and easily by sending a camera in to scope out and identify any potential issues.

Other helpful measures you should take are to install a drain filter or guard so you can easily remove minor blockages from sinks and showers before it enters your drain. Combined with professional cleaning on a regular basis, these practices will help keep your drains clean and clear of blocks.

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