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Sewer Replacement

San Dimas Sewer Replacement

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The saying “out of sight out of mind” is the best way to describe underground pipes when they’re working. But don’t let the “out of sight out of mind” cause you to go out of your mind. When sewers fail, it never happens at a convenient time because there is never a good time to not be able to use any facilities in your home. Home sewers usually channel about 90 gallons of water alone per day. Such massive amounts of water and waste are not to be handled lightly, so it is best to repair them long before they sneak up on you and cause major inconvenience and even damage to your home if the situation becomes severe. But what do you do if your sewer lines are damaged beyond fixing? If you are worried that your lines are on the brink of collapse, it is time to immediately call one of our sewer replacement technicians in San Dimas.

When your lines are heavily corroded through wear and tear, unclogging chemicals, damaged by twisting tree roots or desiccated by crumbling foundations, sewer replacement can be a better option than simply trying to patch up multiple cracks and holes. At Alpine Plumbing & Rooter, we take great pride that our work is never merely cobbled together. Once we install brand new sewage lines, you can rest easy from all fears of sewer floods, leaks, and headaches.

Call us today at (626) 349-6631 to find out more about our family-owned company and our commitment to keeping your house safe from sewer problems.

What Are the Benefits of Trenchless vs. Traditional Sewer Repair?

  • Traditional Method: When a sewer line breaks, some homeowners think the only solution is to dig deep trenches in their yards to reach and replace their pipes. This process can ruin your landscape, and it might require you to break up concrete driveways or hardscape features. Depending on the broken pipe’s location, you might also need to hire a contractor to rip up the street in front of your home, or alleyway. Hire experienced plumbers in San Dimas for your plumbing needs.
  • Trenchless Method: To help you avoid the expenses and hassle associated with sewer repair or replacement, we offer expert trenchless sewer line repair in San Dimas, CA. This is less evasive than the traditional sewer replacement method and will allow replacement with only 1 to 2 holes. Days of destroying landscapes are over thanks to Alpine Plumbing and Rooter’s trenches sewer replacement

Thanks to this advanced technology, you can:

  • Keep your yard intact
  • Replace sewer in one day
  • Repair the problem as quickly, easily, and painlessly as possible

The Importance of Professional Support

You may be wondering whether your sewage system really needs to be replaced, or if a few minor repairs could solve your problems. It is important to remember that even though simply tightening a loose screw might help your pipes temporarily, larger sewage issues cannot be resolved this way – it’s like putting a Band-Aid over a bullet wound.

The worst part of it is that you often cannot tell whether you only need a single repair, or if there are so many cracks and leaks in your system that you might as well replace the entire sewage network. This is why you always need a professional to really examine your failing pipes. Our experts are so seasoned that they can quickly tell the best plan of action, and they already come with the suitable equipment and tools to start working right away. In addition, we are one of the few companies that offer trenchless sewer services, to ensure your sewer line replacement is as non-invasive as possible. Why tear up your lawn when you don’t need to?

Methods of Sewer Replacement

Pipe Bursting:

This method fully replaces an existing pipeline by pulling a new line through the old one. This is used by digging two holes and pulling the seamless pipe from the first hole to the second.

Pipe bursting allows you to replace old, damaged sewer lines with newer piping. This can help reduce the number of clogs/blockages within the sewer lines. Pipe bursting is also very quick, making it an attractive option for businesses and homeowners that want to repair or replace sewer lines with minimal downtime.

Pipe Lining (CIPP):

Also known as cured-in-place-piping, or CIPP, pipe lining does not involve the removal of the old piping. Instead, a mixture of epoxy and resin is saturated into a seamless fiberglass sleeve. The mixture is then inserted through the existing piping and cured to become the new pipe. The new piping cures are in place inside the existing piping. Pipelining, on the other hand, is incredibly durable and long-lasting. In many cases, it can last for up to 50 years, making this a minimal evasive to landscape, and a very cost-effective option since it only uses one hole. Unfortunately, for some pipe systems, it might already be too late to try to fix the existing piping. If the sewer line is already extremely damaged or corroded, this will not work as a viable option.

Epoxy Coating:

Epoxy coating has been a proven method of replacement that is useful in certain situations. Utilizing a two-part epoxy mix the epoxy is then brushed onto the inside walls of the pipes with brushes in coats allowing the old pipe to be sealed off where there are gaps and cracks, but not sealing off tie-ins under the home. Ask the sewer experts at Alpine Plumbing and Rooter if the epoxy coating is a good fit for your sewer system.

Beyond Repairs, We Offer Trust

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Signs Your Sewer Lines Need to Be Replaced

There are several notable warning signals that should help you see that you are on the brink of disaster. By checking for these signs beforehand, you can quickly call one of our technicians to take preemptive action before calamity strikes.

Some of the most common examples of sewage failure include:

  • Gurgling, bubbling, or gulping sounds from the sink or toilet
  • Water that drains extremely slowly in your sink or toilet
  • Strange swelling humps or sinking valleys appearing around your lawn or soil
  • Unusually green patches on your lawn
  • Foul sewer smells directly coming from the sink or toilet, or else appearing from unknown locations inside and outside the house
  • Consistently damp spots on your lawn or in your backyard

Going the Extra Mile

At Alpine Plumbing & Rooter, we will go above and beyond, through, over, and all around your pipes to make sure that every corner of your plumbing system is in perfect working order. This means we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, using only state-of-the-art plumbing technology and the highest quality of durable materials for piping installations.

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