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Warning Signs Of A Main Sewer Drain Clog


Signs That Your Main Sewer Line Is Clogged

Sewer lines are a necessary part of the swift removal of waste from your home and into the main sewers. It’s unlikely that you spend much of your time thinking about how your main sewer drain works, but that will dramatically change the first time it gets clogged.

When the main sewer line gets blocked, it can have huge ramifications, including sewage backing up in your home and damage to your home and drains.

Knowing the warning signs a sewer line clog can prevent this damage from occurring and save you a lot of money in the process.

Keep reading to learn our 3 major warning signs of a sewer drain clog

  1. Slow to Drain Sinks and Showers: When your sinks, showers, and washing machine are taking noticeably longer to drain, it could be due to a more serious issue with your household’s plumbing.
    This is one of the first warning signs to look out for if you are worried about a sewer line clog. There might also be a gurgling sound associated with your drains, which could indicate a block in your sewer line. Often, such noises reveal that tree roots are at the crux of the problem.
    Tree roots can grow into your sewer line, especially those made of clay or concrete, and break apart the pipe system. At times, this causes severe damage and may require entire sections of the line to be replaced.
  2. Multiple Clogged Drains: When you have more than one drain regularly getting clogged, it may be because your main sewer drain is backed up.
    If your gut is telling you that you’re plunging the toilet more often or waiting a long time for the bathwater to drain, you probably aren’t imagining things. It also means that it’s time to call in a professional plumber to figure out what’s blocking the sewer drain and how serious the blockage is.
    Usually, the plumber will send a small cable camera down the drain which shows exactly what the problem is. In most cases, a quick cleanout can be performed at the same time, or they’ll come back with more heavy-duty equipment such as a hydro-jet.
  3. Tree Roots and Debris: As we said before, tree roots can become a major source of concern for sewer lines.
    Once you discover if your pipes are made from clay or concrete, you should look around your property to see if any trees grow particularly close to the sewer line. If any of the trees worry you, it’s a good idea to either remove them or replant them in a different area of the garden.
    Replacing worn down or broken sewer lines can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s best to avoid the problem altogether.

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