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Toilet stoppages are an inconvenience to any household. Whether your toilet is just showing the signs of a clog, or if the clog is already causing your pipes to back up, toilet stoppages can turn into a severe problem. If you are noticing the signs of a clogged toilet but have been able to plunge the problem away, you may have a recurring clog that runs the risk of causing a bigger problem down the line. An overflowing toilet can cause a huge mess, but it can also damage your floor and invite mold to live in the house with you and your family. It’s also a concern for sanitation. No matter what stage your toilet clog is at, it’s important to call your plumber for clogged toilet repair.

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What Causes Toilets To Clog?

Waste and Organic Material

Waste that makes its way down the drain can often end up clogging the system. This waste could be bathroom waste, such as sanitary products, hair, and even feminine products. Human waste can also cause blockages, especially if toilet paper products have already started to clog the system.

Outside Material

If you have stoppages blocking your drains, it’s possible that outside influencers are causing the problem. Tree roots can make their way into your drains and cause stoppages and even break the pipes. A buildup of outside debris, like toilet brush cleaners, sponges, and even toddler toys, can also cause a stoppage. These blockages can only be cleared by toilet drain cleaning plumbing professionals and their advanced rooter tools.


Pipes made from cast iron and clay can degrade over time. This causes the pipes to break down, and small pieces of the pipe can get washed down the line, causing a major stoppage.

Stoppages Need to Be Fixed Immediately

If you let your toilet drain stay clogged, you may have to deal with damage to your property as water can overflow and ruin your floors and even flood crawl spaces leading to terrible odors. It’s also important to get a stoppage cleared as soon as possible because those overflows can cause a serious health risk.

What Can I Do If I Have a Clogged Toilet?

Whether it’s a minor or major stoppage, it’s always best to contact the professionals to fix it. DIY plumbing fixes are not long term solutions and can end up costing you.

You should never use drain cleaner on your toilet unless otherwise specified on the container. However, even if the cleaner is meant to unclog toilets, the fumes are dangerous to breathe in and can result in burns on the skin and eyes. These dangerous chemicals aren’t worth the health risks. Our experts know how to analyze, diagnose, and repair all types of toilet plumbing problems.

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