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When you notice that the water in your sink drain or toilet is going down really slowly, that’s no problem, right? All you have to do is a bit of plunging or pour some cleaner fluid down the tube, and you’re good to go? Unfortunately, while there are certainly many DIY tasks you can do around your home, when it comes to sewer and drain services in San Dimas, it is best to call a professional. Often with drain and pipe blockages, it is difficult to identify the hidden source of the problem. Foreign objects and organic materials frequently collect in narrow portions of pipes, as well as U-bends. These hard-to-reach spots means that it is challenging to completely remove blockages by simple plunging methods.

In addition, although homeowners often resort to trying grocery store cleaners to clear away blockages, these solutions are not effective on deep obstructions and buildup. Such chemicals really only work on getting rid of toilet paper and soap scum but cannot handle inorganic matter. Their harsh acidic or basic materials also tend to corrode drains, or even make current cracks and leaks worse. This is why you should avoid tackling drain and sewer problems on your own. Instead, reach out to the trusted technicians at Alpine Plumbing & Rooter.

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Multiple Services to Suit Multiple Needs

We offer a whole range of services to support any of your plumbing problems. Large or small, we are ready to handle them all.

Just a few of our most popular plumbing services include:

  • Main sewer line repair
  • Drain and pipe cleaning
  • Sewer repairs
  • Sewer replacement
  • Storm drain cleaning and installation
  • Clogged toilets
  • Fixture repairs and installations
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Advanced Solutions from Alpine Plumbing & Rooter

When it comes to finding effective resolutions for all your plumbing needs, Alpine Plumbing & Rooter uses only the most advanced, cutting-edge equipment. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees reliable drain cleaning and repairs to give you 100% satisfaction.

Some of the specialized tools we use include:

  • Snakes: These long cleaning cables are appropriately called snakes due to their length and ability to coil through narrow spaces. Snakes can break through the toughest clogs of thick residue and foreign matter. Make sure you always call one of our professional plumbers to decide exactly which type of snake is most appropriate for unclogging your pipes, since the pipe’s size, location, orientation, and angles will influence what kind of cable is needed.
  • Rooters: Tree roots are a major issue for underground pipes and drains. They can twist on the outside of your piping system, squeezing, twisting, and bending your drain so that the water flow is contorted or cut off. Roots can also nestle in cracks or leaks, completely blocking the pipe flow. Only our strongest, professional drain cleaning machines can hack through tree roots and clear away all of the built-up mineral deposits buried deep in the pipeline.
  • Hydro jetting: Unlike traditional store-bought cleaners, which leave corrosive chemical deposits in your pipes that actually burn holes and create more leaks, hydro jetting is safe and effective. Highly-pressurized water will blast through the most stubborn collections of hair, foreign objects, roots, and mineral deposits. The water simultaneously scours the pipe walls to near-perfect conditions, allowing pure water to flow. Rather than only clearing a single blockage, hydro jetting is optimal because it deep-cleans your entire pipeline, providing maximum flow through the whole system.
  • De-Scaling: Before descaling equipment was available, the only way to clean cast iron pipes was with a hydro jetter. Hydro jetting only removed soft to medium buildup but all the hard rust-like buildup would be stuck to the pipe, and the only way to remove it was by replacement. With descalers, metal chains are utilized in a spinning motion to remove hard rust-like scale buildup without damaging the pipe. With various chains, everything from heavy-scale buildup, and massive roots, to concrete and be removed from pipes without damaging them.

Safe & Effective Results

At Alpine Plumbing & Rooter, we are determined to provide solutions that are safe for yourself, your family, and the rest of the environment. Rely on our advanced, harmless cleaning methods instead of dangerous DIY chemical cleaners for all your drain and sewer services in San Dimas.

Drain & Sewer Services Include:

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