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5 Drain Problems That Require A Professional Plumber In San Dimas, CA


When it comes to our homes’ plumbing, we sometimes think that every problem can be solved with a plunger and some muscle. However, there are certainly some jobs that should be left to the professionals. While you don’t need to call a San Dimas plumber every time the sink clogs, there are a few problems that do require a visit from the plumber for repairs or professional drain cleaning.

Here are the top 5 drain problems that should be fixed by a professional plumber:

1. Leaking Pipes

A small leak from a kitchen pipe might not seem like a serious issue, but it can actually signal a deeper problem with your home’s plumbing. A few examples of underlying problems are:

  • Pipes becoming corroded from age or chemical drain cleaners
  • Pipes were laid incorrectly causing issues to slowly arise
  • Cracking seals or pipes
  • Extreme water pressure

Trying to diagnose the problem yourself could result in making things worse. Without knowing exactly what you’re doing, you could further damage corroded pipes or create new issues from carrying out unnecessary repairs.

This is a perfect example of when to hire a plumber in San Dimas, CA. They will have lots of experience with leaky pipes so can quickly identify where the problem originates from and fix it.

You also won’t want to wait too long to call for professional help because a leaking faucet can increase your water bill considerably. All those drips will add up!

2. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure isn’t just annoying, it can be a sign that something is going seriously wrong with your home’s water lines. If you’ve noticed a dramatic drop in your water pressure, you should call a professional to examine your pipes and water lines.

Low water pressure can even indicate when a slab leak has occurred. Slab leaks are leaks that occur in the copper lines beneath your home’s foundation. Other signs of a slab leak are a spike in your water bill, damp areas in your home in corners, or wet carpets.

Slab leaks can do serious damage to a home’s foundation so you should always have a plumber inspect the area if you have any concerns.

Low water pressure can also be caused by a clog in the drain. When these clogs are deep in your water or sewer line, it will require a professional drain cleaning to be fully removed. Plumbers typically inspect the drain using a camera before using a hydro jet to gently expel the clog from the pipe.

3. Backed-Up Water or Sewage

Having water or sewage back-up into your home is most people’s worst nightmare. Not only is it a major inconvenience, but it can be very unsanitary and foul-smelling as well.

Usually, backed-up sinks, toilets, and showers are caused by a large obstruction in the pipe that is preventing water from flowing away from the house. Sometimes, the damage is caused by tree roots breaking through the pipes and causing very serious damage.

In this case, you will need to call a plumber as soon as possible and have these pipes replaced.

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Another possible cause is that an old sewer or water line has collapsed. Before plastic pipes were commonplace, pipes were made from various materials such as copper, iron, or even clay. These materials are susceptible to damage and decay after being used for decades.

While expensive, many owners of older houses are opting to replace their home’s pipes before damage like this can cause serious problems.

4. Slow-Draining Water

Have you noticed that water is taking a long time to drain from your sinks or shower? This often signals that there is a clog or obstruction somewhere in your water waste lines. One benefit of this problem is that the slow drain indicates exactly where the clog is located in the drain.

If it is your kitchen sink that refuses to drain, the problem likely comes down to food waste getting stuck in the drain. Usually, this is accompanied by a foul smell from the food beginning to rot and mold and bacteria spreading within the pipes.

For the most thorough and quick remedy, hire a professional plumber to clean your drains. They will likely use a hydro jet to clear out all obstructions so that your sink will be good as new.

Showers that refuse to drain, on the other, often means there is a build-up of hair and soap in the drain. Sometimes you can use a simple snake tool to pull the hair out of the drain, but this won’t always remove larger or more densely-packed obstructions.

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5. Recurring Clogs

The final problem that requires the help of a professional plumber is constantly clogged sinks or toilets. Not only is this a hassle to deal with on a daily or weekly basis, but it also means that there is a serious obstruction somewhere in your pipes.

Rather than worry about when the next overflowing toilet will occur, call your plumber and have them locate the clog and eradicate it. Not only will this improve the water flow in your home, but it can also banish foul smells from the house and make sure that the rest of the pipes are well-maintained.

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