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How Do You Stop A Water Pipe From Leaking?

pipe leaking

Due to weather changes, this can cause your water pipes to expand and contract which can create cracks or cause the lining of the pipes to become thinner. This will eventually happen as the pipes age, but can get worse due to extreme shifts in climate and temperature. If you do encounter a leak in your water pipes, contact our leak detection experts in San Dimas, CA, to provide a prompt and effective solution.

Techniques to stop the water pipe leakage

Here are a few ways to repair a leaky pipe before calling our plumbers:

Pipe Burst Tape

The most commonly used method of fixing PVC pipe leaks is pipe burst tape. The repair tape designed for this is silicone and self-fusing, which bonds with itself when wrapped over the damaged pipe, forming an unbreakable adhesive over the leak.

The additional stretch pipe burst tape allows it to close leaks properly. It is particularly helpful when you cannot locate the stopcock at your home, or the water valve is outdated, damaged, or loose.

Cover the affected portion of the pipe several times by applying pipe burst tape to close the leak. If this fails to take care of the problem, contact our leak detection expert in Covina, CA for assistance.

Plumber’s Putty

Plumber’s putty is the most efficient method to fix pinhole-like, larger leaks or a leak at the fitting joint. It is easily available online and in home improvement and DIY stores.

It is generally composed of two parts that, when mixed, create a waterproof seal. In the beginning, switch off the water valve. Dry and clean the area of the pipe in which there is a leak. Apply the putty in the hole and then around it, employ a knife when required to ensure a smooth and even coverage.

The putty should dry. Now that is dried, switch on the water and inspect for leaks when it is fully set. Repeat the process if required; otherwise, call our leak detection service professionals in Covina, CA.

Rubber Pipe Connectors

If the leak is near the junction, the rubber pipe connectors can stop water drainage from accumulating. This procedure may require cutting, and it might be best to choose this option for the connectors if you have more basic plumbing repair knowledge.

Pipe Repair Spray

Repair spray for pipes is great for repairing leaks in guttering, pipes, windows, and drains. It seals by getting into the holes and cracks created by the explosion. A quality pipe repair spray is flexible and pliable for a long time and protects the surface from rust. Once it is dry, you can paint it with any color you like.

Bottom line

As a homeowner, it is best to fix all the minor leakage, or it could lead to more severe water damage later. If you’ve noticed a spike in your water bills, a smelly area in the vicinity of a drain, or a change in the flow of water, it is a sign there is leakage, and you should call our plumber to fix it.

Alpine Plumbing and Rooter experts are available 24 hours a day to restore your system to function in good working order. Call us at (626) 349-6631 for a leak detection service in San Dimas, CA.

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