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Troubleshooting Four Of The Most Common Garbage Disposal Issues


A garbage disposal is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets. A removal reduces food waste into tiny particles less likely to clog drainage systems properly. In addition to what you put in your garbage disposal, how you use it is equally important.

However, the garbage disposal may stop working due to some issues requiring a professional to provide a solution to the issue.

There are some ways to troubleshoot the issues, and your garbage disposal may start working again. Continue reading for more information.

Most common garbage disposal issues

Below are some common issues and how to solve them at home before calling us for garbage disposal service in San Dimas, CA.

Blocked Drainpipe.

If a pipe or disposal unit is blocked, you may experience slow or no trash disposal. A blockage occurs due to food particles or when grease accumulates in pipes.

First, you should turn the disposal off and disconnect it from the drainpipe. Clean the pipes and ensure no buildup has formed. Another option for dealing with this problem is to unclog the drain pipe naturally. Use hot water, vinegar, and baking soda to clean the pipe. However, if it does not help, call our professionals for garbage disposal service in San Dimas, CA.


If you find water leaking from the garbage disposal, you should call our experts to repair it. Until they arrive, you should identify the leak source. Our specialist should handle significant leaks because they require a high level of care and detail that only our professional can provide, as they have the tools and expertise to handle them.

A Humming Noise

The most typical issue in garbage disposal service is an appliance making a buzzing or humming noise. The sound occurs because the garbage disposal is clogged with food particles.

To clear a jam, consult the owner’s manual that comes with your appliance. It is most common to find jams inside the flywheel. Unclogging the blockage can be accomplished with a wrench and the owner’s manual. After clearing the jam, use the garbage disposal reset button to restart the device. The system should function normally after being reset.

For the most cost effective and quality garbage disposal service in Covina, CA contact Alpine Plumbing & Rooter for assistance.

The Garbage Disposal Does Not Switch On.

Under heavy use, the garbage disposal will shut down due to overheating. If it is not working, restart the garbage disposal after a few minutes. If it doesn’t work, contact our plumber to inspect why your system isn’t working further.


Fixing your garbage disposal can be extremely dangerous if it doesn’t work or smells awful. It may be more cost-effective to replace your garbage disposal if you have an older, lower-power model instead of repairing it yourself. Our professionals are best suited to garbage disposal repair and replacement, but you can help maintain your unit by cleaning and unclogging it.

If your garbage disposal system is clogged or not working properly, it’s time to repair it. Contact Alpine Plumbing & Rooter for professional garbage disposal services in Covina, CA, and surrounding areas. Call (626) 349-6631 to learn about our services.

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