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How To Keep Tree Roots From Wrecking Your Sewer Line


How To Prevent Roots From Ruining Your Sewer Line

Trees might be a beautiful addition to your garden, but their roots can be a menace on your sewer line. There’s a reason why tree roots are the most common cause of sewer damage and broken pipes. Their roots are naturally drawn to the water and nutrients that go through your sewer line every day.

When these roots find a small crack in the pipe, they swiftly grow inside the pipe where they begin to spread, blocking the flow of water and sewage which eventually causes serious damage.

Thankfully there are several steps you can take to prevent tree roots from wreaking havoc on your sewer liner:

  1. Locate Your Sewer Lines
    The first thing you will want to do is figure out the exact locations of your sewer lines. Your local public works department is a great resource and they should be able to pass along this information.
  2. Choose Plants and Trees Carefully
    When choosing what to plant in your yard, opt for smaller trees and shrubs that have shallow roots or have roots that grow in a contained ball shape. Make sure that any large tree is planted a good distance away from your sewer line.
  3. Make a Barrier
    Before you begin planting anything, you should build a barrier around the pipes, either metal or wood, and ensure the barrier reaches about a foot deeper into the ground than your sewer line. When combined with a growth inhibitor that discourages the trees, a physical barrier is an excellent form of protection for your pipes.
  4. Stay Alert
    Being aware of the warning signs of root infiltration will allow you to stop the problem before it becomes too severe.
    Water that is taking longer to drain from your sink or shower is an early sign that something is slowing down the flow of your pipes. And if you find yourself plunging your toilet or other drains more often than usual, this could indicate a blockage of some sort.
    This leads us to the final step in preventing tree root damage—seeking the help of a professional rooter service so your property is adequately inspected and any blockages can be done away with:
  5. Keep up with your Upkeep
    Even when you follow all of the steps above, you should still keep an eye on your drains and sewer lines. A tell-tale sign that a tree root is interfering with your plumbing is a gurgling sound coming from your drains or toilet.

If this occurs, it’s usually best to acquire the assistance of a professional to inspect your sewer line and discover the cause of any strange noise or blockage. And if you find yourself worried about twigs, leaves, and dirt blocking your drain, consider hiring someone to regularly clean them out.

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