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Benefits Of Preventative Sewer Cleaning Before The Holidays


With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to start planning and prepping for dinner parties, drinks, and festive events. If you’re expecting guests and parties, you should give your home a thorough once-over before the season kicks in. One thing that should be on your holiday list is enlisting a professional to do a thorough sewer drain cleaning.

The holiday season often involves a lot of large meals with family and friends. This can put additional strain on your home’s water and sewage lines and create problems during and after the season.

Read on to find out why you should call a plumber in San Dimas, CA to professionally clean your drains before the holiday season starts.

Get Rid of Unpleasant Smells

If food has gotten stuck in your drains, it likely is growing mold and bacteria and because it isn’t being pushed into the sewer main, the smell lingers. If you have already tried to air out your room and the smell refuses to go away, it’s a telltale sign that your drains should be cleaned.

An expert San Dimas plumber can easily use a hydro jet to thoroughly clean your drains of every clog and blockage in its path.

Once the blockage has been removed, your home can be filled with the scent of your Thanksgiving turkey or pine-scented candles, and no guest will be distracted by an unpleasant and obstinate odor.

Parties Will Not Be Interrupted

Nothing brings a New Year’s Eve party to a halt like a backed-up or overflowing toilet. Not only is this a cumbersome and unpleasant situation, but a house full of guests might be left without a bathroom to use, ending the party prematurely.

You might think that a clogged toilet just needs to be plunged, but sometimes this isn’t enough and can actually make the problem worse. Calling an emergency plumber during a party will likely ruin the festive atmosphere, which is why we recommend taking preventative steps.

You Will Avoid Emergencies

While your local plumbing company might offer a 24/7 emergency service, this might not be the case on such important days like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If something goes wrong during these special days, you might spend your time being stressed and frazzled rather than celebrating and spending time with family and friends.

It’s a good idea to have your drains cleaned in November so that nasty blockages won’t occur and spoil your day. You might also consider having a professional take a look at your water heater to make sure it’s performing properly and there aren’t any signs of damage or leaks. Winter can be a busy time for plumbers and you don’t want to spend those chilly evenings without hot water.

You Will Save Money

A major benefit to preventative drain cleaning is the money you will save in the long term. By taking steps now to ensure your sewage drain system is well maintained and regularly cleaned, you will prevent future damage and blockages from occurring.

Ignoring your drains for too long can result in unexpected and serious damage that requires expensive repairs.

San Dimas plumbers often use small cameras to look throughout your sewer system. This allows them to see any blockages or more severe damage, such as tree roots breaking into your pipes. Understanding the state of your sewer line will enable you to make informed maintenance decisions and repair any damage before it gets worse.

During the holidays we often spend more money than usual on things like gifts, food, and travel. It’s far easier to plan for these expenses when you can budget around an affordable sewer drain cleaning rather than unexpected repairs and emergency services.

You should be able to focus on the things that matter most during this time: visiting family and building new memories. Taking this easy preventative measure will give you peace of mind and extra savings.

A Few Final Tips

While a professional drain cleaning is the easiest and most thorough way to prevent blockages and drain damage, there are a few additional measures you can take to ensure your home’s drains remain clear and clean.

  • Scrape your plates: Many events during the holiday season focus on indulgent meals and sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Food that is left on plates shouldn’t be sent down the sink. Instead, scrape it off into the compost or garbage bin. This will help reduce the chances of clogs.
  • Place drain guards in your sinks and shower: Drain guards are perhaps the easiest way to reduce the amount of food, hair, and soap that slips down the drain. These guards just need to be placed at the opening of the drain and they will catch almost everything. All you have to do if remove what the guard catches and throw it in the garbage bin instead.
  • Rake up any fallen leaves: Throughout autumn and winter leaves will be falling into your property and might get stuck in your drain causing unforeseen blockages. To prevent this, be vigilant about raking up any leaves that fall into your yard and near your sewage drains.

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