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Why You Shouldn’t DIY Drain Cleaning


Leaky faucet? New showerhead fitting? These are the types of plumbing work you can safely DIY. When it comes to more important things like your water and waste systems, these should be left in the experienced and knowledgeable hands of a professional plumber in San Dimas, CA.

You might think that clogged drains can be quickly fixed with a bit of a liquid drain cleaner and a homemade snake device. But these quick fixes are rarely effective and can actually make your plumbing problem a lot worse.

When you’re worried there’s a clog or blockage somewhere in your drains, you should call your local San Dimas plumber. From knowing the exact cause and location of the clog to using the best techniques and tools, there are a lot of advantages to choosing to have your drains professionally cleaned.

Keep reading to learn the 3 reasons to avoid DIY drain cleaning and the top 3 advantages to a professional San Dimas draining cleaning service.

3 Reasons To Never DIY Drain Cleaning

Before you pull out your tool kit and start cleaning your pipes and drains, consider these 3 big risks to DIY drain cleaning:

  • Liquid Drain Cleaners Damage Pipes and the Environment

For years, the go-to solution for anyone with a clogged drain was to pour liquid drain cleaner down the sink or shower. However, it has become abundantly clear that these cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage your home’s pipes and the environment.

People that mix drain cleaners together are especially at risk because you can’t always predict how these chemicals will interact. Some might create toxic fumes that harm your family and any pets you might have.

It’s safer for you and the environment to hire a professional to clean your drains using safe methods and keeping chemical use to a minimum.

  • You Don’t Know The Cause of the Blockage

Without the experience and tools of a professional plumber, you can’t know exactly what is causing your plumbing issues. Going into any DIY project blindly is a bad idea. You might think that you’re simply cleaning out a clog in the drain when in reality it’s a corroded pipe causing trouble. Repair methods will differ dramatically for these problems.

Instead of risking it, ask for the help of a plumber who has the equipment and expertise needed to identify what is really going on in your home’s plumbing system.

  • Handmade Tools Can Make Things Worse

There are a lot of tips out there suggesting that coat hangers, strings, and other household objects can be used to clean out your drains. But these objects aren’t designed as plumbing tools and therefore shouldn’t be used as such. Haphazardly sticking long or sharp objects into your drains can cause pipe gouging, holes, and corrosion. This will only add to your plumbing woes and potentially land you with costly repair bills.

Going out and buying plumbing tools won’t necessarily solve this problem, either. Without proper training, you won’t know if you are using these tools properly.

You should also keep in mind that homeowner’s insurance will usually not cover DIY fails. Carrying out unauthorized plumbing work, even for something that seems as straightforward as drain cleaning, is never advised and can even lead to fines.

3 Benefits to Professional Drain Cleaning

One of our most common San Dimas plumbing services is drain cleaning. Our plumbers have years of experience clearing drains of debris, build-up, and clogs, which means your drains will be thoroughly cleaned. Properly and quickly.

Here are our top 3 advantages to choosing a professional drain cleaning service:

  • Location and Identification of the Problem

Before a plumber cleans your drains, they will typically use a small fiber optic cable with a camera attached to investigate exactly what is going on in your drains. This means they will know how serious a clog is and what it is made of before attempting to clear it. This tool also means they know the overall condition of your drains and whether there is any corrosion, leaks, or problems with tree roots or other foreign objects.

Armed with this information, our plumbers know the best way to clean your drains as well as any other repairs or plumbing work that might be needed.

  • Hydro Jetting for Clean and Undamaged Pipes

Only professional plumbers have access to equipment like a hydro jet, which is by far the most effective tool when it comes to drain cleaning. Hydro jetting uses extremely strong water pressure to expel any debris and clogs from your drains. Due to the delicate nature of this work, it should only be carried out by a trained and experienced professional. Otherwise, you might risk damage to your pipes.

Hydro jetting is very effective and is usually a quick process. Instead of laboring all day trying to get rid of a clog, call in a professional who can get to the root of the problem quickly.

  • Satisfactory Results

No one goes into a DIY project wanting subpar results. But that is likely what will happen if you attempt DIY drain cleaning. There’s no way to remove all the build-up of hair, grease, and other debris from your drains using DIY methods. Aside from the potential damage from DIY drain cleaning, you’re probably just putting off the inevitable need for a professional drain cleaning anyway.

Professional plumbers are the only ones that can deliver satisfactory results when it comes to drain cleaning. Hydro jetting will clear your drains of everything, which means you won’t have to deal with the regular drain clogs creeping back up. Your plumber will also keep you informed of any other problems or issues that might be happening in your home’s plumbing system.

For thorough and satisfactory drain cleaning, you should always contact your San Dimas plumber.

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