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8 Common Plumbing Problems In High-Rise Apartments


From the exciting city atmosphere to lower rent or sale prices, there are a lot of advantages to living in an apartment. But you’ll soon find that the plumbing in apartments can leave something to be desired. For one, you don’t have any control over how your neighbors treat their drains – which means a lot of damage can be done to the pipes you use without you even realizing. Whether you live in an apartment or manage an apartment building, you should have a plumber in San Dimas, CA that you can count on.

It’s important to find a plumbing company that offers comprehensive San Dimas plumbing services so that they can handle any problem that arises. You should also only hire a plumber with extensive experience in carrying out plumbing work for both residential and commercial properties.

Wondering what problems you might face living in or managing an apartment? Here are 8 of the most common apartment plumbing problems you might deal with in a high-rise:

1. Bathroom Flooding and Ceiling Damage

Perhaps one of the worst plumbing emergencies you can have in any home is flooding in the bathroom. Yet this is made all the worse by the fact that flooding in an apartment can lead to ceiling and water damage for apartments on the floor below.

Typically, flooding occurs from clogged drains or damaged water supply pipes, which then causes flooding from washing machines or dishwashers. Due to the volume of water used by these appliances, the damage from the flooding can be extensive.

You will want to know a good emergency plumber who can quickly locate where the leak or flood is coming from, quickly stop it, and contain the damage while they carry out the necessary repairs.

2. Leaking Water Heater Tanks

Despite each unit typically having its own water heater, a leaking water heater tank can cause a lot of problems throughout the building. If the leak is in your unit, you will likely experience a decrease in your hot water supply and worse water pressure. A leaking water heater often indicates that it is time to replace the unit. If these types of replacements are handled by the building manager or landlord, it is important to hire a San Dimas plumber who can effectively communicate the seriousness of the problem and offer the best replacement units currently available on the market.

3. Frequently Clogged Drains

Have you noticed that your toilet or sinks are getting clogged a lot more often than they used to? There’s likely a build-up of waste and debris that isn’t letting water easily flow from your apartment.

The best solution for this is to seek a professional San Dimas drain cleaning service. Our plumbers have a wealth of experience dealing with commercial properties and will be able to clean apartment drains effectively and efficiently. Usually, this process involves using a camera to identify the problem and where it is located before hydro jetting the blocked drain. It’s always best to leave this to a professional because of the strong water pressure involved that can cause damage if attempted by someone without experience.

4. Wasteful Appliances

If you manage or own an apartment building, appliances that use excessive amounts of water or energy can have a huge negative impact. While tenants typically pay for their own utility usage, wasteful appliances can divert water and energy, causing problems for other tenants.

A more energy and water-efficient residential building is not only good for the environment, it can also improve the day to day lives of tenants.

5. DIY Disasters

Some plumbing issues appear easy to fix and you’re probably tempted to not get your landlord and a professional plumber involved. But make no mistake: DIY repair attempts can quickly become disasters.

An experienced plumber in San Dimas will know how to identify exactly what is causing your plumbing issue and has the required knowledge and tools to set things right. Attempting to fix leaks and clogs yourself can result in worsening the damage or even cause some flooding.

6. Irregular Plumbing Checks

Building managers should ensure that the building’s plumbing is regularly checked so that the condition of pipes, water heaters, and water tanks can be evaluated. Both tenants and managers need to be proactive and take steps to prevent damage and plumbing problems. Not checking up on the building’s internal plumbing can lead to serious blockages, corroded pipes, and other problems that could have otherwise been avoided.

A great first step to take is communicating with tenants what their responsibilities are and what your responsibilities are. This will ensure that tenants know who to call when they have problems and what to do when there is a plumbing emergency.

7. Rusty or Dirty Water

Has your water begun to look a bit brown or taste metallic? Rusty pipes are the likely culprit. While rust isn’t dangerous to ingest, its look and taste can be literally difficult to stomach at times, and it’s best to fix the problem sooner rather than later.

If the rusty water is coming out of just one faucet, the problem is thankfully contained to just that pipe. This means a plumber can quickly replace or clean the rusty pipe and your clear water will be restored. On the other hand, if the rusty water is coming out of all taps and showerheads, there is a bigger problem. After checking with your neighbors to see if they are also dealing with rusty water, you should contact the building manager to ensure a plumber visits the building as soon as possible

8. Unmaintained Safety Valves

Safety valves are an essential part of the entire building’s plumbing. They control each unit’s water supply and drainage systems, which means they need to be regularly checked to make sure they are in good condition and operating properly.

When safety valves aren’t maintained it can lead to low water pressure and slow drainage. It’s always a good idea to have your San Dimas plumber carry out regular checks so that the apartment’s plumbing continues to operate smoothly for all residents.

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