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What Are The Common Causes Of Blocked Drain?


5 Common Causes of Clogged Drains

We all know that sinking feeling when water starts to back up and refuses to go down the drain. Clogged drains are probably the most common issue people have with their household plumbing.

So it begs the question: just what is causing all these blocked drains?

To answer this question, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common reasons your drain might be blocked up:

  1. Hair and Soap: When the water from your shower is beginning to pool around your feet and refuses to go down the drain, there is a good chance that hair, soap and shampoo are the culprits. These can also clog up your laundry and sink drains too.
    Especially if you or someone in your household has long hair, it can get caught up with soap and grease and create a sticky mess that easily gets stuck in the drain.
    Try to be diligent about removing hair from around the drain after each shower or bath and you can easily reduce the problem and frequency of clogged bathroom drains. You can also purchase strainer guards that can be placed over the drain, which will catch all the hair and prevent future clogs.
  2. Leaves, Twigs, or Dirt: Unfortunately, the drains outside your home are just as likely to get backed up. Typically, leaves and dirt are the main causes, but it can be more serious if tree roots are involved.
    Regions that see a lot of rain will deal with this problem more regularly since leaves, dirt, and debris will be washed straight into your drains and cause clogs. Depending on the severity of the clog, you might be able to scoop out the offending leaves and twigs yourself. However, if it is a more serious clog, a professional can use a hydro-jet or similar tool to clear up the drain.
  3. Food: A huge problem for kitchen sinks is food waste, especially pesky coffee grounds which are a major cause of blocked drains.
    If your sink is equipped with garbage disposal, you should still be wary of the types of food waste you shove down the sink. Coffee grounds, tea leaves, and similar foods don’t break down easily, which means they’ll stick around longer and have a greater potential to back things up.
  4. Small household objects: It might be surprising, but small everyday objects and children’s toys are a common cause of trouble with drains. To prevent this from happening, consider putting a guard in your sinks and shower so that little objects can’t slip through undetected.
  5. Wipes, puffs, and swabs: It cannot be stressed enough: the only paper or cotton product that should be flushed down your toilet is toilet paper. Baby wipes, makeup wipes, cotton pads and swabs, or feminine products should never be flushed down the toilet. These materials aren’t designed to dissolve in water, which means a clog is nearly guaranteed if too many find their way down the drain.

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